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Welcome to the pages setting out the work of the Fernhill Academy Council. “Academy Council” replaces “Governing Body” as the term for the governors of the school. You will find here who the governors are and what portfolio each governor carries (as well as statutorily required information about each governor and the record of their attendance at last year’s meetings of the Governing Body).

As the school is an academy within the Kite Academy Trust, the Academy Council is a committee of the Trust and acts on authority delegated to the governors by the Trust Board. The Head Teacher is automatically a governor. Two other governors are elected by parents, one by staff, and other governors are co-opted as necessary to provide the skills and experience needed. Apart from the Head Teacher, governors serve a four year term but are eligible for re-appointment (subject to an election where necessary for staff and parent governors).

The role of the Academy Council is

  • To account to our stakeholders (Department for Education, Kite Academy Trust, parents, pupils, staff and local community) for the business of the school and nursery
  • To support the Kite Academy Trust in fulfilling its objectives and accountability responsibilities
  • To support the Head Teacher and all who work for or contribute to the school and nursery in the achievement of the objectives of the business of the school and nursery
  • To monitor the operation of the school and nursery and to challenge constructively as needed

What do governors actually do? We put together a plan each year, in collaboration with the Head Teacher and her team, for a range of monitoring activities that give us evidence at first hand of what is going on in school. There are 5 monitoring portfolios – Safeguarding, Achievement, Curriculum, Community and Finance – each of which is allocated to one governor. Monitoring mainly involves talking to children, talking to staff, visiting classrooms to see learning in action, and examining children’s work books and other documentary material. We also talk to parents at parents’ evenings. Some governors take part in Kite Academy Trust committees etc, and from time to time we work with representatives from the other Kite Academy Trust schools to ensure all our schools are successful and improving. We hold one main meeting a term at which we discuss the outcome of the monitoring activities we have carried out earlier in the term and take a strategic view on the medium and long-term development of the school and nursery. Governors are supported in their work by a professional clerk, who arranges and minutes their meetings, and by training activities provided by the Kite Academy Trust.

Fernhill Primary Academy Council



Barbara Pretty

Chair of Governors

Mark Chegwidden

Community and Achievement Portfolio

Jill Christian

Curriculum & Safeguarding Portfolio

Ray Pretty




Helen Griffiths

Staff Governor

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